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The USM Metaverse

RACA's USM Metaverse is comprised of many regions called "states". Each state is rich in its characteristics, waiting to be explored. Enjoy concerts, galleries, and games in a way that you truly desire. Join and start building a better world. Together, on Mars!


NFT Marketplace

Purchase or sell USM Metaverse land, Metamon, and other RACA branded NFTs assets in our marketplace. Over $1 billion worth of NFTs were traded since inception.


About RACA

Launched in May 2021, RACA is a community driven decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Boasting a large and experienced development team, hundreds of community volunteers, and a vast fanbase, RACA has become a leading Web 3.0 solutions provider. We are a people's DAO that has been with our community from the very start.

Community News

RACA Futures Now in Latin America’s Largest Crypto Market as OKX Expands

RACA is pleased to announce that RACA futures trading, offered by OKX, is coming to the largest cryptocurrency market in Latin America, Brazil. This expansion of the exchange into the Brazilian market has made it possible. Since October 24th, USDT-margined perpetual swaps for RACA have been available, creating an incredible new opportunity for the entire RACA and cryptocurrency ecosystem. OKX, a leading crypto exchange and Web3 technology provider, officially launched its cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 wallet in Brazil on Monday (27th), offering users in the country reliable and secure access to decentralized finance (DeFi) and cryptocurrency trading. With the platform launch, capabilities for fiat-to-Brazilian Real conversion are also now available. OKX Exchange offers Brazilian users a powerful platform to trade various major cryptocurrencies, providing advanced crypto features like staking rewards and integrations with decentralized finance (DeFi). Within the USM ecosystem, we celebrate together with our partner on this crypto journey, OKX’s expansion into Brazil, which brings not just the exchange but also the OKX Wallet. This is a non-custodial Web3 wallet providing access to a secure and user-friendly self-custody portal to manage decentralized finance (DeFi), trade NFTs, use dApps, and much more. It’s the first wallet to feature both Multi-Party […]



USM ecosystem attentive to COP28 debates to unite environmental preservation and blockchain

COP28, short for Conference of the Parties, is an annual event promoted by the United Nations (UN), gathering representatives from across the globe, including diplomats, governments, and members of civil society, to discuss and organize initiatives regarding the impacts of climate change. Keeping an eye on environmental issues, the USM ecosystem has been promoting various initiatives within its regional communities. Moreover, for our smart contract, we’ve chosen a Proof-of-Stake (PoS)-based blockchain that reduces carbon emissions by over 99% when compared to PoW blockchains like Bitcoin. In a PoS system, transaction validation is carried out by validators who “stake” their assets as collateral. This eliminates the need for miners to compete to solve complex problems, as in PoW, minimizing intensive computation and thus reducing energy consumption. Another advantage is the reduced energy demand and elimination of specialized mining hardware, which decreases the network’s carbon footprint by relying less on non-renewable energy sources to operate the blockchain. PoS enables greater scalability and resource efficiency, translating to lower infrastructure costs and energy usage to maintain the network, indirectly contributing to emission reduction. “​COP28 presents an excellent opportunity to rethink and redirect the climate agenda. Together, we will prioritize efforts to accelerate emission reductions […]



Major achievements for RACA reveal its growth in the crypto ecosystem

Developments and updates within the USM ecosystem have propelled our native token $RACA, which has seen impressive growth in the last 8 days with an increase of over 195% in its trading volume. Moreover, USM’s commitment to the metaverse and web3 potential has led to significant milestones for $RACA this week. We’ve been recognized as one of the Most Mentioned Highlight Cryptocurrencies on BNBChain, showcasing the strength of our social media activity that continues to drive our growth. We’ve also been acknowledged as one of the Most Bullish Cryptocurrencies on BNBChain, an achievement made possible by $RACA’s growth in both the spot and futures markets. Additionally, $RACA has become one of the Most Traded Highlight Projects in BNBChain, according to Messari data. BNBChain is a crucial layer 1 blockchain after Ethereum, excelling in metrics such as Total Value Locked (TVL), DApps volume, and surpassing Ethereum in transaction cost efficiency. $RACA has also been elected as one of the top BNBChain Projects with Highest Social Engagements, demonstrating the strength of our community supporting our journey in transforming the metaverse and web3. Supported by DWF Labs, OKX Blockdream Ventures, and the Tachyon accelerator by Consensys Mesh, RACA serves as a web 3.0 […]



Research highlights the potential of the digital entertainment industry, a sector in which USM is at the forefront.

A new report from Midia Research has emphasized the potential of the gaming industry in social transformation and the digital economy. According to the study, the gaming industry is expected to reach annual global revenues of over $300 billion and have a worldwide audience of 3.8 billion active gamers by 2030. USM believes in this potential and how connectivity between games and the metaverse can help popularize web3 tools and the digital economy enabled by blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The report’s authors, Karol Severin and Perry Gresham, highlighted that the gaming industry needs a new growth engine to thrive once again. The saving grace could come in the form of game spending (especially in cosmetic aspects). “As consumers spend increasingly longer periods of their lives in digital environments, their need to define their image, personality, and identity in the digital realm also grows. Unlike paying for a game, payment for defining image and identity can be largely unlimited, providing greater potential advantages for developers and publishers who can find their ‘fandom hook.’” USM is at the forefront of this movement, enabling users to customize various items in the metaverse such as their avatars, lands, and properties. Aligned with the report, USM […]



$RACA continues to grow and celebrates significant achievements

The development within the USM ecosystem has been intensive, featuring announcements, implementations, and various innovations every week—all aimed at unleashing the full potential of the metaverse and Web3, enabling a world of new possibilities by bridging the real and digital worlds. RACA, the USM native token, serves as a Crypto ‘dApp Store’ of AI Apps and Games, initiated by the ‘Elon Musk’s Mother & Koda NFT’ community. All this progress has propelled our native token $RACA, which has been achieving important metrics, highlighting the potential of our ecosystem. This week, the $RACA token, recently listed on the perpetual futures market of OKX, was recognized as one of the Most Traded Highlight Metaverse Projects on the BNB Chain. Furthermore, its implementations and popularity have elevated the asset to one of the Most Mentioned Highlight Cryptocurrencies on the BNBChain. This showcases the enthusiasm of $RACA bulls for the asset’s development, leading the token to be elected as one of the Most Bullish Cryptocurrencies on BNBChain. Our commitment to GameFi and metaverse development has also resulted in recognition as Outstanding GameFi Projects on BNBChain this week, and it’s also among the Most Traded Highlight BNBChain Projects. Supported by DWF Labs, OKX Blockdream Ventures, […]



All the freedom of the USM metaverse with dancing pandas

How about enjoying the metaverse with the cuteness of pandas? In USM, users can explore the full potential of the metaverse and web3. There are no limits to creativity in USM, where you can immerse yourself in the digital environment with the popularity of pandas. In USM, the panda with its charming dance moves embodies a delightful fusion of modern digital artistry and the timeless allure of the beloved panda – a symbol deeply rooted in Eastern culture, particularly in China. Our USM panda’s got moves! Inspired by some classic kung fu flair, but with a funky digital twist. Who knew pandas could dance like this? There are no limits to imagination in USM. Pandas hold a significant place in people’s hearts. They are an emblem of peace, harmony, and resilience. In Eastern tradition, they are revered as symbols of tranquility and balance. Their black-and-white coat reflects the Yin and Yang philosophy, symbolizing the harmony of opposites in the natural world. Moreover, pandas are often associated with strength and grace, characteristics echoing through the lens of martial arts, especially in the iconic form of kung fu. The dance of the USM panda, inspired by classic kung fu elements, beautifully blends […]



USM, Unique Metaverse Picnic Experience for the Web3 Community

The USM ecosystem proudly announces its continuous growth, development, and unwavering commitment to exploring the boundless potential of the metaverse and Web3. As a testament to its dedication to community engagement and innovation, USM is thrilled to invite everyone to a groundbreaking event: a Metaverse Picnic like no other! RACA, USM native token, is a Crypto ‘dApp Store’ of AI Apps and Games, initiated by the ‘Elon Musk’s Mother & Koda NFT’ community USM is at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the metaverse and Web3, unlocking opportunities for users to immerse themselves in a digital realm where imagination knows no bounds. The ecosystem remains committed to fostering creativity, collaboration, and the full realization of the transformative power of decentralized technologies. Get ready for a one-of-a-kind adventure as USM invites the global community to join a Metaverse Picnic, set to redefine the way we connect and share knowledge in the digital era. This unique event promises to be a blend of innovation, camaraderie, and exploration, creating an unforgettable experience for Web3 enthusiasts and beyond. Just like a traditional picnic brings people together to share food and stories, the Metaverse Picnic serves as a symbolic gathering in […]



USM Ecosystem Continues his Growth and Demonstrates Commitment to Community

The USM ecosystem proudly announces its ongoing surge in growth and strategic partnerships, reaffirming its dedication to community development and user satisfaction. The project’s relentless pursuit of excellence is exemplified through recent accolades and achievements, solidifying its position as a trailblazer in the cryptocurrency space. RACA is a Crypto ‘dApp Store’ of AI Apps and Games, initiated by the ‘Elon Musk’s Mother & Koda NFT’ community **1. Most Mentioned Highlight Cryptocurrencies on BNBChain: Elevating Recognition on the Blockchain Stage** USM stands tall as the most mentioned highlight in the BNBChain ecosystem, garnering widespread recognition for its groundbreaking contributions. The vibrant discussions surrounding USM’s native token, $RACA, signify its pivotal role in shaping conversations and driving innovation within the BNBChain community. **2. Most Traded Highlight BNBChain Projects: USM Projects Ignite Trading Frenzy** USM’s ecosystem projects take the lead as the most traded entities on BNBChain, igniting a trading frenzy that underscores their widespread popularity and liquidity. The surge in trading volumes signals a growing investor interest in USM’s diverse range of projects, solidifying their status as market favorites. **3. Most Traded Highlight Metaverse Projects: USM Redefines the Future of Metaverse Trading** USM continues to redefine the landscape of metaverse projects, claiming […]



$RACA significant increase in November with a +133% in trading volume and +16% in its price

After a robust October marked by substantial gains, $RACA has continued its upward trajectory, showcasing significant advancements in key metrics over the past seven days. RACA is a Crypto ‘dApp Store’ of AI Apps and Games, initiated by the ‘Elon Musk’s Mother & Koda NFT’ community. **Key Highlights:** 1. **Price Appreciation:** $RACA has witnessed a notable increase in value, soaring by 16% within the last week, surging from $0.0001998 to $0.0002211. This uptrend reflects a growing investor confidence and interest in the USM ecosystem. 2. **Trading Volume Surge:** The trading volume has experienced a remarkable upswing of 129%, escalating from $9,401,240 to an impressive $21,572,633. This surge in trading activity underlines the heightened market interest and increased liquidity of $RACA. 3. **Market Capitalization Growth:** The market capitalization of $RACA has seen a notable uptick by 3.07%, rising from $65,111,921 to $67,615,360. This increase underscores the expanding market presence and recognition of $RACA within the broader cryptocurrency community. On social media, users celebrated RACA’s achievements and reinforced their support for the project. These remarkable developments affirm the USM ecosystem’s unwavering commitment to the advancement of the metaverse, Web3, and the creation of innovative tools that empower users to unlock the full […]



Now Blockchain University of Ilorin have a USM Virtual Space!

The United States of Mars (USM), native token $RACA, the leading metaverse on the BNBChain, is thrilled to announce the USM Virtual Space for Blockchain University of Ilorin. USM serves as a platform for communities of researchers, enthusiasts, scientists, artists, gamers, and diverse users from around the world. The possibilities within this dynamic metaverse are virtually limitless, with the only boundaries being those of imagination. RACA is a Crypto ‘dApp Store’ of AI Apps and Games, initiated by the ‘Elon Musk’s Mother & Koda NFT’ community With a community of over 200,000 users, USM is more than just a digital space. It’s a thriving ecosystem designed to empower users to learn, create, and grow. The addition of the Blockchain University of Ilorin represents a significant step in USM’s journey towards forging strong connections with the academic world, particularly within the digital education sphere. This collaboration opens up unparalleled opportunities for students, educators, and creators alike, providing a platform to redefine the future of education in the digital age. By combining the academic prowess of the Blockchain University of Ilorin with the innovative capabilities of the USM metaverse, we aim to reshape the landscape of learning. USM is no stranger to […]




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