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RACA's USM Metaverse is comprised of many regions called "states". Each state is rich in its characteristics, waiting to be explored. Enjoy concerts, galleries, and games in a way that you truly desire. Join and start building a better world. Together, on Mars!


NFT Marketplace

Purchase or sell USM Metaverse land, Metamon, and other RACA branded NFTs assets in our marketplace. Over $1 billion worth of NFTs were traded since inception.


About RACA

Launched in May 2021, RACA is a community driven decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Boasting a large and experienced development team, hundreds of community volunteers, and a vast fanbase, RACA has become a leading Web 3.0 solutions provider. We are a people's DAO that has been with our community from the very start.

Community News

USM in August: Welcomes Open Skytop Island and Forges Partnership with BitValue Capital

The USM ecosystem proudly celebrates a series of remarkable achievements during the month of August, marking a significant leap forward in shaping the future of Web3 technology, the Metaverse, and Africa’s digital landscape. Open Skytop Island: Navigating New Horizons One of the standout highlights of August was the release of USM’s groundbreaking update, version 0.9.11 – Open Skytop Island. This majestic island, enveloped by the vast sea, boasts three awe-inspiring structures, including a breathtaking 1,000-story sea-view building. Whether gazing from the building’s panoramic viewing platform or reveling in the waves on the pristine beach, visitors can immerse themselves fully in the embrace of the sea and the soothing music of the waves. This enhancement underscores USM’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of immersive experiences within the Metaverse. A Pivotal Partnership with BitValue Capital In a momentous announcement, the USM ecosystem unveiled a groundbreaking collaboration with BitValue Capital. This partnership promises to catalyze Africa’s advancement in the realm of Web3 technology, reshaping the digital landscape of the continent with fresh capital and expertise infusion. The collaboration represents a significant stride toward fostering a new era of digital transformation throughout Africa, aligning perfectly with USM’s mission to empower users and drive […]



Partnerships and USM’s Growth Open Up a New World of Possibilities, as in Ritestream Cinema HQ

The USM ecosystem, a pioneering force in the metaverse and Web3, is proud to announce its innovative partnerships with leading decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols across the cryptocurrency landscape. These collaborations are revolutionizing the metaverse, creating decentralized and multichain hubs for various activities, with the aim of promoting a future where projects collaborate seamlessly. A testament to this is the Ritestream Cinema HQ, a unique space in the metaverse for the ritestream.io community, which, in partnership with USM and its native token RACA, is transforming the possibilities of the metaverse and Web3. The impressive network of DeFi protocol partners in the USM includes giants like OKEX, BNBChain, KuCoin Wallet, and a consortium of 93 other projects spanning DeFi, metaverse, NFTs, and much more. This extensive collaboration showcases USM’s unwavering commitment to a decentralized and multichain future, free from the dominance of centralized entities. Blockchain technology has been the cornerstone of the metaverse and Web3, enabling communities to regain control over their data, assets, and belongings. USM firmly believes in a multichain, multilateral future, and we are actively building relationships through study groups, parties, presentations, and meetings that promote social transformation. But USM’s journey is not a solitary one. We have joined […]



USM Reinforcing Dedication to Empowering Creativity

The USM ecosystem, driven by the $RACA token, is celebrating a series of achievements that underscore its commitment to user engagement and the development of the metaverse and Web3. These accomplishments, spanning various areas, reflect USM’s dedication to empowering users to expand their creative boundaries. Amidst the distinguished names of the Most Mentioned Highlight Cryptocurrencies on the BNB Chain, the $RACA token shines as a symbol of engagement within the BNB Chain ecosystem. This recognition reflects the interest in $RACA among enthusiasts and the broader cryptocurrency community. As a prominent member of the Top Cryptocurrencies on the BNBChain by Social Engagement, $RACA demonstrates its capacity to foster the development of the digital world and the integration of physical and digital realities, allowing users to experience this new immersive journey. With a strong position among the Most Bullish Highlight Cryptocurrencies on the BNB Chain, $RACA solidifies its status as a symbol of transformation. This recognition reflects the deep trust that the community places in $RACA’s ability to drive significant changes in the digital asset market. Emerging as one of the Most Traded Highlight Projects in the BNB Chain ecosystem, the USM ecosystem elevates the trading landscape, showcasing its ability to attract […]



RACA and BitValue Capital Launching a $5M Growth Fund to Africa

RACA and BitValue Capital have unveiled a groundbreaking partnership that holds the promise of reshaping Africa’s digital landscape through the dynamic realm of Web3 technology. This transformative collaboration, fortified by capital infusion and shared expertise, sets the stage for a profound digital transformation across the continent. Against the backdrop of Africa’s vibrant innovation scene, the convergence of BitValue Capital and RACA signifies a seismic shift in the Web3 market. With a unified goal of bridging the global Web3 pioneers with Africa’s untapped potential, this collaboration is poised to generate synergies that drive innovation and catalyze growth. Going beyond financial backing, BitValue Capital and RACA pledge to empower African creativity by offering comprehensive support through a substantial $5 million growth fund. This initiative not only aims to fund projects but also to fuel the flames of ingenuity within the African blockchain ecosystem. This partnership stands as a testament to the commitment of both entities to foster a renaissance in the world of Web3 technologies. Central to this partnership is an unwavering dedication to nurturing visionary projects. Beyond financial support, BitValue Capital and RACA are deeply invested in guiding projects from their inception to fruition. By providing guidance, insights, and unwavering support, […]



USM Achieves Remarkable Milestones, Underlining Commitment to Pioneering Products

The USM ecosystem, powered by the dynamic $RACA token, has surged ahead, achieving a series of remarkable milestones that underscore its unwavering commitment to pioneering innovation. These achievements, which include top rankings and widespread recognition across various platforms, stand as a testament to USM’s dedication to empowering users with limitless creative potential. Having secured its position as a Top Trending Soon Token on Kyber Network within both the Ethereum and BNB Chain ecosystems, USM demonstrates its prowess in capturing trends and creating products that resonate with the digital landscape. This achievement highlights USM’s agility and foresight, driving its continuous growth and adaptability. In the realm of social engagement, USM’s native token $RACA shines once again, securing a spot among the Top Cryptocurrencies on BNBChain. The vibrant interaction and engagement surrounding $RACA reinforce its role as a community-driven force that thrives on shared experiences and dynamic conversations. USM’s vision is mirrored in the realm of Cryptocurrencies on BNBChain, where $RACA is recognized as one of the Most Bullish Highlight Cryptocurrencies. This recognition amplifies the unwavering confidence and optimism that the community places in $RACA’s potential to drive innovation and reshape the digital landscape. As enthusiasts and users passionately embrace USM’s ecosystem, […]



USM Triumphantly Unveils Latest Update: 0.9.11 Introduces Open Skytop Island

The USM ecosystem proudly announces the triumphant launch of its latest update, version 0.9.11, marking yet another stride in its quest to redefine the metaverse experience. With a steadfast commitment to unleashing the full potential of Web3 and the Metaverse, USM has successfully implemented transformative enhancements that are poised to reshape digital landscapes. Central to this groundbreaking update is the introduction of “Open Skytop Island.” Nestled amidst the embracing sea, Skytop Island boasts three grand edifices, including a breathtaking 1,000-story sea-view tower. Whether indulging in the panoramic vistas from the tower’s viewing platform or relishing the rhythm of the waves on the pristine beach, individuals are invited to immerse themselves in the symphony of nature. The pulse of USM’s progress reverberates in the online discourse, as enthusiastic users rush to explore and experience the novel implementations firsthand. With social media channels buzzing, it’s evident that the USM community is not just witnessing evolution—it’s actively shaping it. USM’s commitment to empowering users to live limitless digital lives is underscored by the enthusiasm and anticipation that each new update generates. The unveiling of Open Skytop Island and its awe-inspiring features epitomizes USM’s enduring dedication to weaving innovation and imagination into a seamless […]



Unlock the Infinite Universe of Possibilities with USM

Imagine a world where you can build your dream home among the stars, meet friends on the moon, or have an impromptu dance party with extraterrestrials in a cosmic nightclub. Welcome to the captivating realm of USM, where the only limits are the boundaries of your imagination. In our universe, the impossible becomes possible, and the unimaginable springs to life, illuminating your digital journey. Dive headfirst into an ocean of perfect pixel dreams, where you can swim alongside digital dolphins or delve into the unending depths of an ocean without confines. Soar high in the limitless sky, gliding among birds and soaring beyond the clouds. The once-distant dream of flight is now a reality in the world of USM, where your dreams find their wings. Explore the elegance of Live music at concerts in USM. Every performance resonates with rhythm, emotion, and a unique sense of community, characteristic of the enthralling experience of live music. Within the dynamic Web3 environment at USM, embrace the endless opportunities to create, explore, and connect. The USM ecosystem is a canvas where the brushstrokes of your imagination define the boundaries of your experience. From flying through open skies to mingling with avatars and pursuing […]



USM Ecosystem Boosts Experience with Spaceship Flight

Pushing the boundaries of innovation once more, the forward-thinking USM ecosystem announces its latest breakthrough: users can now soar the skies of its metaverse aboard a spaceship. This immersive addition further solidifies USM’s commitment to enhancing user experience by blending technology and limitless imagination, affirming the mantra that in USM, there truly are no boundaries. The spaceship flight feature emerges as the epitome of USM’s relentless pursuit of evolution and adaptability in the digital realm. Just recently, the ecosystem made headlines by introducing an interactive online version of the social party game tied to rapper French Montana’s unique storyline, as well as unveiling a novel football hunting game that evolved into “TreasureHunter.” These developments are emblematic of the ecosystem’s dedication to offering rich, diverse, and ever-evolving experiences for its users. Furthermore, USM’s continued progress is reflected not just in its unparalleled in-metaverse experience, but also in its global acclaim and recognition. Having clinched spots in leading publications such as BSCDaily and Crypto Insights. USM’s introduction of spaceship flights in its metaverse further echoes its believe in a future where possibilities are infinite and creativity knows no bounds. The ecosystem invites everyone to partake in this exhilarating experience, ensuring that users […]



USM Ecosystem Continues to Innovate, Clinching Recognitions in Leading Publications

Amidst an unpredictable climate in the cryptocurrency sector, the USM ecosystem stands out, continuously demonstrating unwavering growth and pioneering development. USM, with its native token $RACA, has recently made headlines, earning accolades from esteemed publications such as BSCDaily, Crypto Insights, and numerous other cryptocurrency portals. One of the most significant milestones achieved by USM has been its listing among the “Top BNBCHAIN DApps with the Most Unique Active User Last 30 Days.” This recognition not only accentuates USM’s robust architecture but also its ability to foster an engaged and active community in the realm of decentralized applications. Further amplifying its prominence in the crypto community, $RACA was spotlighted as one of the “Top Cryptocurrencies on BNBChain by Social Engagement.” This accolade underscores the growing enthusiasm and interaction surrounding the token across various social platforms and communities. Adding to the list of achievements, USM solidified its position in the BNBChain landscape by becoming one of the “Most held Metaverse Projects on BNBChain.” Such a feat is a testament to the trust and confidence that the digital community places in the offerings and future prospects of the USM metaverse. USM’s dynamic presence was again emphasized as it bagged a spot in the […]



USM Metaverse Promises a Packed August with Exciting Updates to Boost User Experience and Ecosystem Expansion

USM, the leading metaverse on the BNBChain, is excited to announce a lineup of novel  developments planned for August. These innovative updates are set to unleash more creativity and immersive experiences within the metaverse, marking another progressive stride in USM’s journey towards transforming the digital world. The planned updates will roll out across the expansive USM ecosystem, which encompasses the flagship USM metaverse, the interactive game LLJ (Looki Looki Jazzi), the native token $RACA, and the thriving USM marketplace, among other components. Each update is designed to enhance engagement, enrich gameplay, boost the token’s performance, and bolster the marketplace’s offerings. The native $RACA token, the heartbeat of the USM metaverse, is also set for advancements to further increase its usability and relevance across the ecosystem. As a testament to USM’s commitment to its community, these updates are aimed at ensuring $RACA remains a robust and versatile token, playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of digital economies. Meanwhile, the USM marketplace, the vibrant hub of digital assets, will introduce additional functionalities to facilitate a more user-friendly and diversified shopping experience. As always, users can look forward to new, exclusive collections of NFTs, virtual properties, and other digital treasures to […]




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