The USM Metaverse is comprised of certain states with limited parcels for free purchase and ownership. Each state is rich in characteristics to be explored, where you may take a trip, make friends, create value, and build a real metaverse.

u-RACA and Assets

u-RACA is the only token in the USM Metaverse and you may get it by adding RACA from your wallet into the USM account and exchanging it at a ratio of 1:1. It can be used to purchase various NFT assets or props in USM, such as lands, buildings, vehicles, concert tickets, etc., and is also used as the necessary transaction fee. If you have ever acquired NFTs in the RACA community, you may use and empower those assets in USM.

Our Products

NFT Market

Purchase or sell USM Metaverse land, Metamon, and other RACA branded NFTs assets in our marketplace. Over $1 billion worth of NFTs were traded since inception.

Our Products


Metamon are the main characters in our "Metamon World" play-to-earn, blockchain-based game on BNB. As a player, you get to control and collect super adorable Metamon. Almost all in-game items, including Metamon World, are NFTs.

Our Products

The USM Metaverse

The USM Metaverse is comprised of several states involving limited parcels of land, which anyone may purchase and own. Each state is rich in its characteristics, waiting to be explored, in which you may make friends, create value, and build a REAL metaverse during your journey.