RACA DAO is the organization that governs several aspects of the RACA project including RACA token utility and distribution, and rallies the greater RACA community around causes that support the growth the project.

This diverse group of leaders collaborate to make sure everyone who joins the RACA community has the best experience they can as investors and gamers.

What Is DAO

What is a DAO

A DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization. These organizations have become popular alongside DeFi, with the promise that any ordinary person can take control of their financial future while being held accountable for their decisions via the blockchain.The DAO operates separately from the RACA team and respresents the community's interests.

Why has the DAO been created

Why has the DAO been created?

RACA DAO is an essential part of the RACA ecosystem. As the project grows in scale and scope, governance becomes much more difficult. The DAO ensures community input is heard and recorded on the blockchain.

As more proposals are made for improvements or growth opportunities, participation is expected to increase, in turn enriching the RACA ecosystem and generating more support for the project and its initiatives.

How does the DAO work

How does the DAO work

RACA DAO will work similarly to other DAOs in the blockchain space. DAO members can present issues that the community shapes into viable proposals to vote on. As the project grows, the impact of new proposals will increase and require more input from the community as a whole.